Jo-Ann gave me a heads up that a guest doctor (Anthony Cardillo) on Dr. Oz’s program had tried 220 mg of zinc for 5 days along with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin with apparent success. Apparently zinc interferes with the ability of the RNA virus to replicate itself.

So, what do we know that could be helpful?

Years ago, a doctor told us that sufficient zinc in a person’s system could prevent cancers from attaching i.e. developing blood supply.
We have also been told that too much zinc can lower immunity.
Zinc is an adrenal support so the level affects immunity, blood sugar balance, blood pressure, AND importantly right now, stress tolerance.
How to tell whether zinc would be beneficial or not? Three guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

First, if your zinc supplement smells bad. Stop taking it until the scent returns to neutral.

If you are taking zinc and it smells neutral, you may be okay.
If a zinc supplement smells good, check it for ingredients like glucose or flavours that may make it smell sweet. If there are no obvious additives then, you may need zinc. A starting dose would be 30 mg. After a week, retest to see if your response has changed. If it is still good, then dosage could increase.

Zinc comes in different forms, zinc citrate, zinc picolinate, etc. One form may suit a person better than another. I know that picolinate does’t smell as good to me as zinc citrate.

Those with adrenal or other issues may need up to 200 mg but that is very rare. I myself needed about 100 mg for several years along with the other adrenal supports (B6, B6, magnesium and Vitamin C) until the problem finally resolved and I do not need as much of any of them any more.
So zinc doesn’t work in isolation (pardon the pun.) Like any of the nutrients, it must be in harmony with other nutrients.

The work Tom Taylor, Jane and I have done toward computerizing the analysis reports for the Individual Nutrient Scent test kits should lower the price by a hundred dollars. If the compounding pharmacy is still willing, we could produce kits if someone wants one. The nutrients are in stock.
However, good luck finding zinc to buy these days. Many places report they are sold out.

As for the medications mentioned with zinc, I cannot comment. Apparently, the US president has a stake in the hydroxychloroquine but he must not in the other since he doesn’t mention it. Strange times.
Wishing you safety, sanity and good health.