Of course, for those of you who have done the test, know how to test yourself and have individual nutrients that you typically need, you have the power to monitor your nutrient balance unless something changes like having the flu or a big life event or an accident.
I love it that so many people know how to test themselves. I especially love it when young people have the information because they have it for life. If only the Founding members had had that information when we were all young and our children were young. Sigh.
Here is a shout-out to the Founding Members this holiday weekend. Mary Grace, Jo-Ann, Joan, Jo Anne, Judy,and Susan, hope you all have a good time and are doing well. None of the Health Pursuits research would have happened without you all! What an amazing group of women and how amazing that we came together just at that time.
Kudos to the inquiring minds of everyone who has joined us on the research since.