Happy 2018 to everyone. Hope your strategies for surviving the holiday season in good shape have worked.
A really wonderful chance meeting happened yesterday with a couple who had done the NST 12 years ago! That was when we were just 3 years into the adventure and knew a fraction of what we know today.
The man told me that I had said he must be having some liver problems. The P5’P had come up for him. He had bought it and within days the nasty feeling of a mouse nibbling his middle had gone away. He took it regularly for awhile and now, every time he indulges in a rich diet, he gets that feeling and goes back to the P5’P.
His wife told me that she takes her B vitamins faithfully and does not have the pain that she suffered for years before the NST. Like many of you, she has told many of her friends and family about the NST but they didn’t go for it.
Both were delighted to see the NST book which will make it much easier to explain to other people. They bought 2 copies on the spot.
In addition, they want to do the test again with their daughter and a sister.
It makes me very happy that our ‘simple’ test could have such a positive effect for such a long time. Whenever I start to have self-doubts and a flagging of energy, it seems a story like that comes up to reinforce my determination to get the word out.
Thank you for being an ambassador for good health as well. We can do wonders together. Make a gift of your time for a year on the Board.???