Two pieces on CBC reminded me how important it was that our group met once a month for 20 years and shared information that we got from doctors, books, journal articles, etc. Not every piece of information passed the experience test. Those that did helped us all.
Almost ten years ago, we watched an amazing video, Strolling under the Skin, by Italian researchers, that showed the amazing structure of shape-shifting fascia and tiny pockets of fluids under the skin. Interestingly, the duodecahedron form is repeated in all tissues and living things.
Now a researcher has now posited that this system of pockets is a new organ. Who was it who said there are no new ideas! Check out link below.
The other rather connected piece is about Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), especially recurring ones. The lining of the urinary tract was once thought to harbour dormant bacteria that would spring to life now and then to cause the infections.
The solution was to use longer courses of antibiotics.
Now,Dr. J. Curtis Nickel, Canada Research Chair in Urologic Pain and Inflammation at Queen’s University, has said that approach is not the best way. He lists cranberry supplements, probiotics, diet, environment, and stress reduction as better ways.
Sound familiar? Maybe for the past 20 years? We have also had people cure UTIs by drinking more water, by going off gluten or dairy, by using one-a-day garlic, by keeping their environments free of as many chemicals as possible, by exercising to strengthen core, and many other strategies that did not ‘carpet-bomb’ (Nickel’s phrase) the gut bacteria.
You can check out the link to Dr. Nickel below as well.
Combine those thoughts with the ‘new organ’ ideas. Interesting juxtaposition.
Good work, Health Pursuits members. You are ahead of the curve.
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