In the middle 1800s, a doctor named Ignaz Simmelweis noticed that maternity patients at one Vienna Clinic were dying at huge rate while the ones at a second clinic were not. The difference? The first clinic included an autopsy suite where professors and students were going from that to the maternity ward without washing their hands.
When he instituted hand washing rules, the professors took offence and hounded him out of that job and the one at the next clinic where he worked … despite the mortality rate plummeting in each case. Finally the tricked him into doing a consult at an insane asylum where hired goons beat him and left him to die.
All over a simple change to hand washing.
Even 170 years later, it is not hard to understand why it has taken over 2 decades for the Nutrient Scent Test to make progress from description of the concept in Lendon Smith’s 1994 book,” Feed Your Body Right”, through our discovery of it in 2001, to our 18 years work on making it useful and the book collecting our experience.
Fortunately, we have kept our heads down and our research low key — impartial and all paid for by ourselves. We have crafted the language in our reports carefully so that practitioners can respect the information. We don’t claim miracle or speedy cures. In fact, we know that dietary and nutrient changes are time-consuming and not easy to achieve.
Maybe that’s another Simmelweis effect.
So glad there are lots and lots of people who have benefitted from the Nutrient Scent Test. Who can argue with results? Don’t answer that, Ignaz.