So often when people are not doing well in March or April, it turns out to be low Vitamin D. Depression, low energy, low immunity — could be low Vitamin D because we’ve used up our reserves from last summer and can’t make any more in our skins until about May. The sun just isn’t intense enough.

Interestingly, Jane and I demonstrated the NST to a practitioner and it came up positive (good.) She asked, “I have my Vitamin D drops here. If I take them, how soon will the test result change?”

So she took her drops and, in less than five minutes, did the retest. Surprisingly to her but not to us, it now came up low neutral.

If you want to do the NST for Vitamin D, you can scent test drops or you can buy a Vitamin D without sweeteners. Watch out for croscaramelose which seems to be going into all sorts of supplements these days. I was looking for one to scent test and finally found Costco’s Kirkland brand was okay. The NST protects you from taking too much of this fat-soluble vitamin. Too much is not a good thing. If you need Vitamin D, take it with a meal with fat for better absorption and make sure you have enough magnesium too.

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