"I got rid of headaches."


"Slept through the night for the first time in years and kept on sleeping through the night."


"Five years of back pain disappeared in 3 days…. with one nutrient."


"When the test helped me find the nutrients that supported my adrenals for dealing with stress, I was able to come off disability & regain employment."


"The test kit helped me normalize my thyroid hormones & as a side benefit, my depression lifted, much to my psychiatrist’s delight and amazement."


"As a Master’s and PhD student, my studies were frequently interrupted with depression and inability to focus until the nutrient test gave me clues & solutions that have changed my life."


"Six weeks after the test suggested removing milk, my son was able to do 10 times as much school work in an hour at the tutoring center."


"A week after the test suggested removing gluten, our autistic & ADHD children’s function improved greatly & I began to lose weight."




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