So many times when we started our Health Pursuits group, someone new would come and exclaim, “At last a place where people believe me, believe in my pain and fatigue.”

This was usually after the person had seen multiple practitioners and had often been told right to her face that it was all in her head. Why would anyone choose this if there was a choice? In my experience, when people feel well, they get up and go! The article from the New Yorker (linked below) brought back to me quite forcefully the feeling that no one believed me or understood the exhaustion. To this day, one of my biggest bugaboos is not being believed. We all have to be on guard against dismissing the concerns of others.

Maybe another part of believing others is working to find successful strategies. This article speaks to determined individuals who have done that part as well.
The final part is spreading the word and helping others whom you have never met to benefit from your work.
Nothing would be possible without that first step of belief.