Interestingly, I have had quite a number of people testing positive on Thiamine recently. I can hardly open the bottle it smells so bad to me but these people found it quite pleasant.
Thiamine requires calcium and magnesium for aborption so that gets us into the whole calcium uptake situation with the chain reaching back to vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K.
For one person, vitamin K seemed to be the requirement.
For another magnesium was the requirement.
For another it was the calcium and vitamin D situation.
Here is an eye opener. Caffeine and alcohol both deplete thiamine so if you like your wine, you might want to add some thiamine to your B complex.
As a double whammy, sulphites deplete thiamine so wine with sulphites depletes more. Of course, you could source wine that does not have sulphites.
A clue can be that regular magnesium supplements do not work for you and magnesium sulphate does.
Makes my brain hurt sorting each situation out.
You may be indoors weathering the ice/snow/wind/rain storm so happy researching.