In Alan Gaby’s reference book, ‘Nutritional Medicine’, he gives a list of conditions that thiamine can help prevent — neuritis, neuropathy, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, diabetes.
I just met someone who has severe pain – neuropathy, back pain, sciatica, and more. He had been to expert pain specialists who had given him a prescription for 3500 doses of Lyrica and told him not to come back.
The thiamine smelled like cookies to him!
I recently met a young woman with Fibromyalgia. The thiamine smelled good to her too.
How come I am running into so many with thiamine problems right now?
Is it springtime deficiency of vitamin D that is preventing absorption of calcium and then thiamine?
Is it the oh-so-prevalent magnesium deficiency that is also hindering absorption of thiamine?
Whatever it is, be on the alert for B1 deficiency if you have a pain condition and look to your magnesium, vitamin D and calcium status.
Pain is never simple. It can be biomechanical habits, environmental toxins, life stressors, or problem foods but nutrient status can be a big part too. It all flows around with factors influencing other factors. We have a saying in the Health Pursuits group, “When the dominoes start to fall, it isn’t enough to try to prop up just the last one. Effort has to be made to support up them all for success.”
That said, I had better get my walk in or I will have more pain and it will be my own fault. (And take my digestive, take my vitamins, eat a good meal and get to bed early. ) Phew! one way to keep out of trouble. Try to be healthy. You won’t have any time to get into mischief.