Dear Lady Gaga,
Sorry to hear you have had to cancel your tour because your FM has flared up so badly. The pain, fatigue and brain fog can be SOOOO debilitating!
We have such sympathy because so many of us in our Health Pursuits group have been through the FM diagnosis (a collection of symptoms, not a disease). Unfortunately, it didn’t really help us figure out what to do for ourselves.
Luckily, we put our heads together, studied hard and figured out some successful strategies that we would be very happy to share with you. Our web site goes through the four areas we studied — Movement, Environment, Nutrition and Diet.
Our first step is always our Nutrient Test Kit because it can tell us a lot about:
– the state of our digestion,
– our adrenal capacity to mediate blood sugar, blood pressure, immunity and stress tolerance,
– thyroid requirements,
– calcium uptake and utilization,
– mitochondrial energy production,
– inflammation
and much more. All those things can affect pain, fatigue and brain fog. Pretty amazing. We have found no substitute for our test kit. We have even developed a kit that we can mail to people.
After the biochemical balance has been addressed, then we know what else to look at.
Movement and Exercise was important for so many because old injuries, bad habits and inappropriate exercise choices were factors in pain. Hopefully, you have a really good manual therapist who knows osteopathy and exercise very thoroughly. Just the right treatment and exercise training can make all the difference.
Environment might be very important for you because of plane flights, pressure of performances,and exposure to cosmetics, to perfumes, and to many people. Lots of chemicals have made health difficult for our members.
Diet could be a factor too. Food allergies and sensitivities, repetitious diet, antibiotics and many other factors messed up our nutrition and intestinal bacteria. The diet that helped all of us was a rotation diet after food allergies had been taken into consideration. Rotation helps the gut bacteria too.
We hope you recover soon and get back to the music you love. We would be happy to send you a test kit to try.
It can be a lot better.
Diane and all the Health Pursuits group members