On Saturday, I sat down to relax and idly was watching….

On Saturday, I sat down to relax and idly was watching The Great British Baking show on PBS where lots of elaborate goodies were being constructed.

It suddenly occurred to me that when they were finished their hours of work, they still didn’t have anything very nutritious to eat!

Realistically, spending half an hour on prepping and cooking some vegetables to accompany a protein rewards us with much greater nutrition. What about the taste buds?

If we put as much brainpower into making our vegetables taste as good as we do baked goods, then everyone would love vegetables. Our book on the rotation diet has over a third of its pages devoted to ways and means of making vegetables delicious and varied.

So far this week, I have made a stir fry of onions, broccoli, ginger, garlic and carrot. We thawed out the mashed butternut and Hubbard squash with butter and summer savoury I put up in the fall to have with petit pois and lamb chops. We made a chowder with sweet potatoes, spinach, onions, some smoked oysters and haddock. Today will be a sweet mashed turnip and a stir fry of shredded brussels sprouts,apple, pecans, and dried cranberries with a drizzle of maple syrup and a squirt of lemon juice. That’s just dinners.

Soups for lunch can ramp up your vegetable intake considerably.

I’m sure you all have favourite ways of preparing vegetables. If you are a member of the health pursuits chat group, please do share suggestions for increasing vegetable intake. Keep in mind rotational considerations if possible. Hope you are hankering for some veggies!