NEW EDITION OF ‘Nutritional Medicine’ by Dr. Alan Gaby

‘Nutritional Medicine’ is a 40 year labour by Dr. Alan Gaby to collect and collate reputable information (e.g. published, peer-reviewed articles) about nutrients and medical conditions. Since the first edition was published in 2011, we have used it to help interpret the Nutrient Scent Test results and to include information in the NST which can be taken to medical practitioners.
A recent example was an 86-year-old man who was suffering extreme pain. He had been given a prescription for 3500 Lyrica and told not to come back. Thiamine smelled like cookies to him. I did his report and included a copy of Dr. Gaby’s section on Thiamine which listed the pain conditions associated with Thiamine deficiency ( e.g. neuropathy, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, etc.) and as well as all the references to back up the list. He was to see his doctor a week later. Shortly after that, I was notified that my Linked In profile had been accessed by Kingston Health Sciences. Maybe a connection. I can only hope that the man received the blessing of his doctor, and maybe help, to pursue some relief via Thiamine and other indicated nutrient therapy.
If you had information about a nutrient or a condition before from Dr. Gaby’s massive reference book, ‘Nutritional Medicine’, then you might like an update.
If you haven’t read sections of the book relating to your personal needs, then maybe it is time. Jane, Adrienne, Christine, Emily in Calgary, and myself all have electronic versions of the book. You can send an email inquiry through
You could also purchase an electronic copy for yourself. A bit expensive but worthwhile. Was there money in the Health Pursuits account to pay for these? No, so if you want to consult the book, you could chip in something to help. Or book an NST and get your required reading as a bonus.
We have booked a booth for the annual Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Nov. 9-11. Unfortunately, they charge $1800 with no relief for a very small non-profit. The purpose of spending this money is to spread the word about targeting nutrient therapies using the NST, sell the book and sign up practitioners who would like kits for testing and analysis for their clients’ results. In other words, to make Health Pursuits self-supporting which has been the goal since applying for funding seemed an endless path.