Mother of 8-year-old with mental illness speaking out about lack of care CURRENT June 20, 2017

It is heart-breaking to hear about children who are suffering from anxiety and depression to the point of being suicidal. We have had children make huge progress by reducing inflammatory factors and supporting nutrition.
If it is taking a long time (many days) to access care, you have time to try some strategies that may help your child.
Remove scented chemicals from the home. Examples include scented cleaners, detergents, fabric softeners, perfumes, air fresheners, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Use unscented alternatives. Chemicals may be causing brain inflammation.
Remove the most common allergens from the diet. These include wheat (gluten), corn, dairy, sugar, peanuts, chocolate, citrus, and soy. Diet is the most powerful strategy but it takes some planning to find acceptable substitutes. Food sensitivities can inflame the brain.
It may be useful to test the nutrients in case low stomach acid, low iron (from gut inflammation), low vitamin D, low magnesium or other item is affecting mental health.
Want a book to back up our suggestions? Read Dr. Doris Rapp’s “Is This Your Child?” It will open your eyes and may save a child unnecessary suffering. What is there to lose!