Dr. Wayne Sossin of the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University has been a part of research into memory involving variations of the PKM enzyme. An article has been published in Current Biology according to
They are just at the stage of studying how changing the enzyme using electrical current changes two different types of memory in molluscs
Our non-profit study group has been concerned for many years with enzyme variations which contribute to various health problems.
We have learned to deal with enzyme variations by figuring out the nutrient cofactors which have become deficient, either because the variation requires more than usual amounts, or for some other reason such as dietary insufficiency or environmental demand.
We have found that memories experienced as ‘videos’ rather than as ‘still photos’ are not fully processed – and likely to be troublesome.
Sometimes we have been able to change these ‘video’ memories into ‘still photos’ by targeting specific deficient nutrients which we have discovered by testing.
By extrapolation, PTSD, which involves ongoing reactions to memories, might possibly be helped by improving nutrient status.
Even better if someone would do DNA testing to find out which nutrients are cofactors of the PKM enzyme and which variations might require more of a particular nutrient.
Any potential researchers listening???