Hi, Everyone,
While doing an NST, I discovered something (as almost always) that was interesting. L-carnitine tested on the negative (bad) side for the person. When I looked up in Dr. Gaby’s reference on L-carnitine, he said that people with low thyroid should not take L-carnitine. It could make the situation worse.
That makes me wonder. If thyroid is low, then does this mean that digestion of meat protein may be inadequate? Does it mean that the L-carnitine in the meat would make matters worse.
Interestingly, the person I tested also had evidence of low thyroid e.g. positive test on iodine but not on manganese, B6 or tyrosine.
If you have evidence or thoughts, please let us know.
The NST book is at the printers and will be available some time in the middle of November. I will keep you posted.