Just One Nutrient!

It always amazes me when a person’s scent test shows that just one nutrient is deficient.
A recent test showed up just Vitamin A as needed while beta carotene (provitamin A) was not, often a sign that conversion is slow.
Scratching my head, I turned to Dr. Alan Gaby’s, ‘Nutritional Medicine’ to read his section on Vitamin A.
Vitamin A deficiency might be the cause of the person’s skin condition, psoriatic arthritis, since skin and immune system are both affected by Vitamin A. Yay! An answer.
But wait! What is the cause of the deficiency –diet or enzyme variation causing a slow conversion of beta carotene? Or wait more! Gaby explores the liver problem that may actually cause Vitamin A deficiency.
How to solve the puzzle?
First step might be, go to the pharmacy with one’s ten medications and look for the cause there! I’m not kidding.
Step two might be, check the diet for vitamin A foods.
Step three might be supplement very carefully at the lowest level and retest frequently to see what changes happen.
Everyone is different. The joy of the scent test is that it actually shows that and gives a person clues to follow.
Keeps my brain working hard too!