The article below delves into the REM sleep deprivation issue. Although I knew about the effect of alcohol consumption on sleep, I did not know the effect of cannabis. Since cannabis is a hot topic in the chronic pain community, I read over the article carefully.
There is a subset of chronic pain sufferers and others who do not benefit from cannabis treatment.
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine or pyrdoxal 5’phosphate) is very important in dream recall. Does this mean that REM sleep is disturbed by B6 deficiency? Does cannabis deplete B6? Is this why some people do not tolerate cannabis well.
Instead of just calling them ‘fraidy cats’, it would be interesting to know if B6 deficiency is the cause.
Dr. Jonathan Wright’s quick test for B6 deficiency was to try and make a flat fist. If you cannot, it may indicate deficiency. I am concerned that injuries arthroses affect this test. Of course, the scent test will help sort out status.