Today a woman did a retest after 3 weeks of working on the original test results. She had one day of remarkable change and then things reverted to previous symptoms.
What does this mean?
I remember a functional medicine doctor (Was it Abram Hoffer or Jeffery Bland perhaps?) who said if you can have one good day, that is a sign you can have many more. You just have to figure out what factors caused the good day.
Many times, adding in a nutrient can change the whole balance. Today, as we compared the results from the previous test to today’s, it was obvious that much had changed.
Nutrients went from positive to neutral which is always a hopeful sign. When magnesium goes from positive to neutral, you have to like it.
Other nutrients went from neutral or slightly positive to more positive. This is a sign that cofactors, which were not as in demand before, are now required.
One nutrient changed from the regular B vitamin form to the more bioavailable form which usually means that the person’s enzyme variation cannot keep up with demand. This happened to me too.
Fine tuning is now required to keep the healing process on track. Add a little here. Subtract a little there.
Not everyone has the patience and the determination to complete the process. Anyone who does is definitely one of us. The founding members all had what it takes to keep on keeping on until they were satisfied they had done what they could to improve health.
I know of strategy, other than our NST, which allows a person to observe their own progress so easily.
Even after years of monitoring nutrient balance, things can change but I can test myself and see what is going on.
We all have to go some time but I would like to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible!