Heartburn, Surprising Cause!


Heartburn may have some surprising causes.

My dentist recommended that I stop using baking soda and start using toothpaste. So I did.

Back in April I had a stomach upset of some kind and my heartburn got worse after that. Betaine HCl smelled a little good so I started using that which helped a lot. However, I finally realized that heartburn would hit around bedtime at night and a while after breakfast. What those two times had in common was brushing my teeth.

I stopped using the toothpaste and so did having heartburn. It was Tom’s of Maine toothpaste so I thought I was doing the right thing. So what ingredient caused the problem? Not sure but maybe Tom’s uses real mint. Mint anything usually gives me indigestion.

Heartburn can have many causes –low stomach acid, high stomach acid, but also food reactions. Chocolate, coffee, and many other foods may be the culprit.

As always, paying attention and maybe even keeping a food/exposure diary are your best tools.

The Nutrient Scent Test, of course, can help identify low or high stomach acid. Tara Foods and West Side Guardian Drugs both have our display boxes a the betaine HCL testers.

You can go there and ask Charlotte or Wahab.