Eyes feeling dry and scratchy? It may be more dangerous than we realize.

Lack of moisture can actually cause the cornea to deteriorate.

Dry air indoors from our heating systems and the dry, cold wind outdoors may be the culprits. Of course, age can be a factor as well.

What to do?

One suggestion is to hold a warm moist cloth over your eyes on a regular basis to stimulate production of natural tears.

Another may be to use recommended eye drops which cost around $40.

Another may be to take lutein and antioxidants. We had started to scent test lutein in the scent test and initial results were promising but I have not had time to follow up.

‘Lutein Z’ has antioxidants in it and a local optometrist says they are finding it works but do not know whether it is the lutein or the antioxidants.

Vitamin C is very important for the vitreous humor inside the eyeball but does it protect the cornea.

Any other suggestions?