DIGESTION AND THE NST (from the new book)

A woman came to our group with a lot of symptoms – low energy, pain, indigestion, bloating, poor sleep, etc.. Sound familiar?
She was in a rush so she only did the scent test with the sample of betaine hydrochloride with pepsin which is where we always start.
The betaine smelled good so we told her that low stomach acid might be contributing to her problems and a tablespoon of lemon juice before meals might help.
We did not hear from her for a year. Then she came back to do the rest of the test! Apparently, just that one strategy helped so much that she was anxious to see what else might help — and she had enough energy to contemplate doing more.
If you aren’t digesting well, then all the good food and vitamins in the world will have a hard time helping.
You can read about the Nutrient Scent Test (NST) for digestion in the new book. Case studies, cofactor nutrients to test, and strategies for improving digestion are all included in that section. (Hint: the biotin sample can help tell if your intestinal bacteria are doing okay.)
What if every retirement and nursing home had just that one sample to test residents before meals— and had lemon juice handy for those who needed it! Quality of life might be greatly improved.