Concomitant Allergies

What are they?
If you are okay with 2 different substances, exposed separately but then have a reaction when exposed to both together, that is a concomitant allergy.
My favourite story is about a horse with asthma. Can you just imagine the inhaler mask and puffer?
Anyway, everything had been tried –extremely clean stall, very good food, a veterinarian specialist. Nothing worked. Still asthma attacks.
I had been reading Dr. Kropp’s book, Healing the Planet, and noticed the section on concomitant allergies. Legumes and grasses were listed as possibles. Legumes include alfalfa. Grasses include hay. A light bulb went on.
The horse was okay if he ate hay. The horse was okay if he ate alfalfa. If he ate hay and alfalfa mixed, he had an asthma attack.
Another example is birch pollen and stone fruits such as cherries.
Who knows how many others there could be!
This time of year, there is ragweed, asters, goldenrod and leaf mould. There are tomatoes, corn, squash, apples, peaches and plums and all sorts.
If you have trouble with allergies in the fall and can’t seem to pinpoint the problem, then you may have concomitant allergies.
Our book on the rotation diet (A New Spin on the Rotation Diet) is a useful tool in trying to figure out what might be a problem as it lists the botanical and zoological food families. Imagine lettuce and ragweed are in the same botanical family. That’s why lettuce gives me more trouble in the late summer and early fall. Not a concomitant allergy but certainly a connection that could be missed.
Unfortunately the hard copies of the third printing of our book are almost gone but I could email the book file and/or the file of food families.
Do you remember that one HP member’s severe bowel situation, with 3 surgeons recommending resection, was reversed with the allergy blood test followed by our rotation diet … in six weeks from implementation. The examining surgeon opined on the recovery, “I think it has something to do with food”. No kidding.
You just never know what the body requires to heal but that is its tendency given right conditions. 🙂