Recently, I was not sleeping as well and finally made myself do the NST again. Interestingly, I did not need one of the nutrients I had needed for a long time — say 10 years.
Another member of the group had this happen a couple of months before me so the penny should have dropped sooner.
With my experience, I was delighted to tell a third person that an expensive nutrient he had been taking was no longer needed.
The takeaway, when you are taking supplements and your symptoms seem to become worse, is that the news could be good. Your symptoms may be a sign that your biochemical balance has changed for the better.
With another group member, the Nutrient Scent Test showed a different set of needed nutrients each month for almost a year. We figured out that one system would need boosting until another system would lag behind so then needed a boost. Finally, her system became more balanced and she felt better than she had in a decade.
What I am saying is that retesting is a key part of success with the NST. Fine tuning is important.
So how could we make the NST more accessible and affordable?
Part of the roadblock is the analysis report. The analysis can take an hour to three hours to figure out what is going on and write down in logical steps. That is expensive in highly experienced time which we have in short supply. We are only charging $70 for the report portion of the test but that is $70 we would like to eliminate.
What if we could type our NST results on an “app” and have a preliminary report come out the other end? That would be another step in making nutrition an evidence-based accessible tool.
The decision tree for an “app” has been in the works for some time.
All we need now is someone with the expertise, time and willingness to help create the app.
Please help us find someone to take the NST to the next level.
Thanks for your support.