Book Celebration for ‘The Nutrient Scent Test’ on December 11 coming up fast but December 19th is now an option at Sigrids Natural Foods.

The celebration is at Isabel Turner Library, December 11, 12:30-5 pm.
Frontenac News is publishing a piece today if you receive that paper. I hope that community event listings in other papers will also appear.
Books are available at Sigrids, Novel Idea and Truesdales in Sydenham. Sheena has also offered to supply books to anyone who wants one that way. The ebook version for Amazon will be out in a few weeks.
Over $1300 worth of books have been sold already so the information is getting out there which is the goal after all. How many people can we help? Tons, I hope.
Founding members still check their supplements by scent test, especially when their situations seem to change.