Finally someone has done a meta analysis of studies on antidepressants. Surprise! The results show that risk of death increases about a third over a decade with use of antidepressants. Link below.

Years ago, we read ‘The Schwartzbein Principle II” by psychiatrist Diane Schwartzbein. She had done work studying which nutrients would increase (or decrease) the supply of which neurotransmitter. That inspired us in our study of nutrients and the development of our test kit to monitor the balance for each of us.

For myself, I found that the more bioavailable form of B6, pyridoxal 5’phosphate made a huge difference, along with magnesium and other nutrients.

The article explains that supressing a neurotransmitter had an effect on other functions than the brain because they are used in various organs. It is not surprising that death from many causes increased because, if you mask a deficiency and suppress a vital neurotransmitter, the whole balance is going to be upset.

It is not simple. We could not have done it without the Nutrient Scent Test kit. When the book about our work is published in October, everyone, who wants, can read and be empowered. That will be amazing.