Mary Grace is one of the retired nurses in our original nurse/teacher group studying ways to better health. When we first met, Mary Grace had been in a hospital bed at home, on multiple inhalers for breathing problems and was making progress using nutrients from Shaklee.
For 20 years, Health Pursuits met monthly to discuss books, strategies, results and experiences. For a great many of those meetings, Mary Grace Amann was there to support the effort, either by calling it like it is, gathering memberships or sharing a laugh.
Since then she has overcome many health challenges, built an environmentally friendly home, climbed a mountain and received the blessing of grandchildren. Not bad for someone, like may of us, not expected to make it.
Not satisfied with conquering her own issues, Mary Grace was been a leading volunteer with the Lions Club organ donation program. In addition, she has for many years volunteered at KHSC (Kingston Health Science Centre) as a Patient Experience Adviser to represent and speak for patients and their families. To do so one must have had experience within hospital as a patient or caregiver. She
has and does represent patients and family members on various committees, counsels and activities.
She was the first member of the group to cause KGH to implement the then-new Environmental Health Clinic guidelines for hospitals dealing with chemically-sensitive patients. I am sure many people since then have benefitted from the hospital’s experience.
Not one to restrict herself to the broad picture, Mary Grace has always facilitated in small ways too. If you had access to some Alka Seltzer Gold to quell reactions to chemicals or foods, Mary Grace was probably the one who sourced and bought it. She even bought me a foldable cart for all the meeting materials. My back thanks her.
Mary Grace has always been an enthusiastic cheerleader too -urging me to commit our version of the Rotation Diet to paper and then the Nutrient Scent Test book.
Since we have transferred our sharing to this-line forum, I realize how fortunate we were to have had our remarkable group for as long as we did. Nothing lasts forever but the waves of learning and collaboration from people like Mary Grace will spread out for a long time to come.