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Health Pursuits Reading & Research: MEND began in 1996 with a mission to educate people about time- and money-saving strategies for improving health using Movement and Exercise, Environmental Control, Nutrition and Diet (MEND.)


Diane Dawber founded Health Pursuits as an ad hoc study group of 5 professionals including teachers and nurses who had difficult-to- deal-with chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Cancer, etc. Their goal was to solve their own problems focusing on MEND areas under their control. They read many books recommended by practitioners, tried the suggestions, discussed results at monthly meetings, disseminated their information in newsletters, book reviews and books.


In 2008, the group was studied by University of Toronto Medical School in conjunction with the provincial Environmental Health Clinic based at Women’s College Hospital. This unique model of a support group was found to be successful in improving the health of members.


By 2010, they felt they had succeeded and wanted to share their useful tools with a wider public so they created a non-profit corporation.


In 2012, their efforts were rewarded with a $50 000 grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation to increase their capacity to help others.


Today, the Founders of the group are being joined by a new generation of dedicated, caring Board members, trained Educators and participants – learning ever more on the time-tested foundations.

Health-related books by Diane Dawber

The Nutrient Scent Test: How it Helped us Use Food and Supplements More Effectively. will be available early in 2017. A New Spin on the Rotation Diet. Health Pursuits, 2007.


What’s Helping You Rise? What’s Holding You Down? Health Pursuits, 2006.


Lifting the Bull: Overcoming Fibromyalgia, Chronic Back Pain and Environmental Illness. Quarry Press, 1999


Reading to Heal; an Annotated Bibliography of the Best Books on Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Quarry Press, 1999.

Current Board Members

Diane Dawber, Chair

Sheena Bromstein, Social Media

Adrienne Frandsen, Business

Lynda Snider, Treasurer and Production

Christine Connolly, Business

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Founder, Diane Dawber, BA, MEd

Diane Dawber became a teacher in 1965 and a published book author in 1984. With a family history with shortened lives and various illnesses, her focus turned to finding strategies to improve her own health from the severe pain and fatigue that hit in 1990. In 1996, she sought out practitioners skilled in nutritional therapies and osteopathic manual therapies. The books, tests and studies they recommended influenced the progress of her study group of nurses and teachers in similar circumstances. Their experiences applying the methods confirmed they were on a useful path. Books by Drs. Doris Rapp, Lendon Smith, Abram Hoffer, Robert Fulford, Sherry Rogers, Jozef Kropp and many others were inspirational --contributing to the group's both multifactorial approach (Movement, Environment, Nutrition, Diet) and individualized focus. Diane Dawber, Jo-Ann Therrien and Christopher Dawber incorporated the group in 2010 as the non-profit 'Health Pursuits Reading and Research: MEND'. Diane has been the Chair of the Board of Directors ever since, continuing to aid individuals to find the best strategies for their unique selves.
The Founding Members of Health Pursuits besides Diane Dawber include
Mary Grace Amann, J. Belch, J. Therrien, J. Wheeler and J. WInton.


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