A Lesson on Water and Scent from the Buddy the Cat


Ever since I became step-mom to Buddy the Cat, I have been concerned that he would not drink water from a bowl in the house, especially when we go anywhere for a day or so.

All the more mystifying when we have excellent well water???

Buddy will drink out of any old puddle outside. Hmmm.

Buddy will, in a pinch, drink from the bathroom sink tap if it is drizzling. He will drink a little condensed milk as a treat.

What can it be?

Puddle water vs house water?

Soft water vs hard water?

I scooped up some snow, let it melt and presented it to Buddy in a bowl. He sniffed the water and started lapping … and lapping… and lapping.

Cat’s often have kidney and urinary tract issues. I suppose the hard water has too many minerals for his system to handle.

And he can smell what is better for him! Amazing and what a relief to have figured it out!

What are the implications for humans?