Kingstonians for Safe Technology supported a demonstration and panel discussion on Saturday about 5G Networks i.e. fifth generation mobile phone services which require millions of small cell antennas. The latest ten-year study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program showed “clear evidence” of an increased risk of cancer from exposure to wireless radiation.The experts on the panel included Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Anthony Miller, Dr. Riina Bray, and Thomas Cooke PhD — a lot of scientific fire power! So what did the experts have to say?Anthony Miller, an epidemiologist specializing in cancer prevention, did research into exposure to electric and magnetic fields of Ontario Hydro workers in inducing leukaemia and lymphoma and the effects of such fields in increasing the risk of childhood leukaemia. He sounded the alarm about 5G networks potential to increase cancer risk.Martin Pall, professor emeritus of biochemistry and medicine, said bluntly that exposure to 5G networks will reduce human reproduction drastically and affect human brain function adversely. He was on his way to Germany to present at a major Physics conference.Riina Bray, doctor at the Environmental Health Clinic of Ontario, (with perhaps the most degrees of all the participants) spelled out in one word what we should do, “R-E-V-O-L-T.” Marching in the streets is not too extreme an effort to prevent this. 5G networks may provide a millisecond faster service but optic fibre cable can do the job without the radiation risk of 5G.
Thomas Cooke, a Queen’s University postdoctoral fellow, is studying the effects on privacy, social interaction and other effects of 5G. He too warned us of the side effects in social terms. We don’t have to give up our cell phones –but be aware of safe use of technology.
At the outside demonstration and short speeches, I heard a couple of middle-aged men dismiss the concern. “Why Bell is putting millions into the technology!” How does that reassure us? Business has different goals — making money, not necessarily looking out for our health.
Thank you to K4ST for bringing these knowledgeable people and their message to Kingston. You can see the small cell antennas sprouting around town. What are we going to do?
Health Pursuits is looking for a way to help those with EMF sensitivities and illnesses provoked by EMFs. I will keep you posted.