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The New Yorker’s article about new pain research

Healthpursuitsgroup Published by Diane Dawber · 2 mins · I found this interesting in that the researchers distinguished chronic pain from ‘alarm’ pain using MRI imaging. However, they are still not considering biochemistry since the MR imaging technology has not been coordinated with nutrients. When someone latches on to the idea that nutrients could affect…

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    Mary Grace is one of the retired nurses in our original nurse/teacher group studying ways to better health. When we first met, Mary Grace had been in a hospital bed at home, on multiple inhalers for breathing problems and was making progress using nutrients from Shaklee.   For 20 years, Health Pursuits met…

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NEW EDITION OF ‘Nutritional Medicine’ by Dr. Alan Gaby

  ‘Nutritional Medicine’ is a 40 year labour by Dr. Alan Gaby to collect and collate reputable information (e.g. published, peer-reviewed articles) about nutrients and medical conditions. Since the first edition was published in 2011, we have used it to help interpret the Nutrient Scent Test results and to include information in the NST which…

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